Garden Planting plans are a relatively low-cost way of giving your garden a makeover without any need to have builders or contractors round.  If you're happy to plant the scheme yourself it can be a good way to keep costs down and get hands on with your garden.  

If you already have a garden structure that you’re happy with but need some assistance in what to plant where then a Garden Planting Plan could be the ideal solution for you. My garden design services always include planting plan. Please note I have stopped offering a stand-alone planting plan under my services.

How does a planting plan work?

The Garden Planting Plan takes the measurements of your borders and provides a planting scheme based on the style of garden you like or planting theme. It removes the need to research and know exactly what plants would look well together which can sometimes be the downfall of many a gardener!

A planting plan can take all the guess work out of your planting scheme for you.

What’s included in the planting plan?

  • Planting plan based on the theme of garden planting you require eg- Mediterranean, cottage garden, Japanese style
  • Side aspect Drawing of your planted area with planting scheme
  • Planting Plan list of plants and quantities
  • Planting Schedule which includes the months of flower, pruning times and maintenance
  • An electronic copy of the above documents.

Example Planting Plans

Example planting plan

Planting Plan with flowering scheduke v1

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