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    Water features can add that extra spark to a garden. They encourage wildlife and add a layer of peace to your garden with the introduction of soothing flowing water. A water feature can be included in any sized garden whether large or small. This article gives you a guide from a recent water feature design piece I undertook and installed to see what you can do.

    Water Feature Design Brief

    The client wanted to make over an awkward corner of their garden. The corner in question was quite damp and had an incline and the client wanted me to design a water feature for them to turn this awkward corner into an area of beauty. They were stuck staring at a set of fence panels and an unloved rockery.  They also wanted a wow factor to liven up this area of the garden whilst encouraging wildlife.

    They also wanted it to be natural yet have some contemporary design features such as contrasting stones and a modern planting plan. So Garden Ninja got to work designing something that would meet the brief perfectly!


    I designed a garden plan that incorporated the incline of the awkward corner into a natural waterfall feature. Given the traditional planting scheme of the garden which included Azaleas and other established planting, I wanted to introduce the use of some grasses to soften the design. I planned this to help blend the design in with the existing borders. Using plants lie Bergenia, typically thought of as quite an old fashioned plant, in drifts to soften the edge and give a uniform block of colour.

    Water fall before and after 3

    The before and after pictures of this garden makeover

    The client wanted to screen off an ugly fence panel that was at odds with the rest of the gardens hedging.  I designed some custom raised beds to incorporate tall grasses, such as Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’ to naturally screen off this part of the garden.

    Given the clean lines of their existing plot, I chose to put the natural water feature in a square contemporary border.  This was to help give it a solid definition and keep it from just creeping out into the main lawn.

    water feature garden design 1

    Water feature garden design

    Finished Result

    Pricing and Costs

    The cost of this type of design and installation is £3500-4000.  This is dependant on plant sizes.  A qualified electrician is always necessary for water features where electric pond pumps and filters are needed.

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    Plants used for "Water feature design"

    Water Feature Planting
    • Bergenia cordifolia
    • Heucheras
    • Crocosmia
    • Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster'
    • Stipa tenuissima
    • Pennisetum 'Orientale'
    • Azalea
    • Hosta undulata
    • Polystichum setiferum ‘Herrenhausen’

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