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  • Let's face it cutting hedges can be a right chore. Especially if you have a diesel-powered or plugin hedge clippers. You're either choking on fumes or getting tangled in the cable. What a drama! Ryobi's ONE+ range of power tools has a handy cordless battery-powered hedge clipper which they sent me to review. Eagar to see if it would set gardeners free when cutting hedges I gave it a test drive.

    Battery-powered garden tools are becoming really popular amongst gardeners. Battery-powered garden tools, such as hedge trimmers are more flexible due to the lack of chord, they are usually lighter and better for the environment compared to petrol-powered hedge cutters. In fact, I now use a battery-powered lawnmower, strimmer, leaf blower and hedge trimmer in the #explodingatomgarden.

    Battery-powered hedge trimmers are a real benefit given their lighter weight and the fact you’re using moving some distance with them without a restrictive chord. Trimmers can be awkward to hold, tiring especially on larger hedges.

    The hedge trimmers won’t be easily overlooked with their neon green colour!

    Ryobi sent me a set of their OHT1855R hedge clippers featuring one of their One+ batteries. The ONE+ range are interchangeable tools that use the same battery. Meaning you don’t need separate batteries for every single tool in your garage. They sent the model with their 2.0Ah battery for me to trial. I wasn’t paid other than receiving the Ryobi hedge trimmer.

    Ryobi ONE+ Battery Reviewed

    Before I give away the details on the hedge trimmer it is worth quickly reviewing the battery from the ONE+ range. Given they are the only manufacturer, currently to offer one battery that fits over 100 if their tools I gave it some real scrutiny.

    Ryobi battery and charger
    The One+ battery can be used in over 100 Ryobi tools

    The batteries in the ONE+ range take anywhere from 50 to 90 mins to charge dependant on their capacity. The charging dock is easy to use and the light system shows quickly whether your battery is low or full-on charge. What’s great is that the battery compartment is vivid green so really easy to find in a dark garage.

    For the Ryobi hedge trimmer, I got 30 mins running time off this battery on a box hedge. I’d imagine that if you had a large garden you may have two of the batteries both charges so you can switch over and recharge one whilst using the other. The battery clips into the Ryobi hedge trimmer with a neat click and is easy to remove. Whereas other models I’ve tried the fit is too snug and you feel like you’re having to force the battery in our out.

    How to use Rybobi Hedge Trimmers

    The trimmers couldn’t be easier to start. Obviously, it goes without saying that you should always wear the necessary safety gear and goggles. It’s a two-switch operation having to hold down one switch before engaging the other on the handle. It’s really intuitive and will allow you to start the clippers quickly. In fact, one of my feedback points would be that its almost too easy to start. Especially when picking up the tool, by holding the handle you hand to engage one of the switches which may give you a shock as it starts up!

    The handles are sturdy and none slip. They feature a two switch safety feature to start up the trimmer

    The trimmers will cut up to 22mm of branches, slightly thicker than most hedge clippers. There’s an anti-jam feature meaning if you do hit something too broad or uncuttable the trimmers will automatically cut out which is a nice feature. The hedge clippers weight in at 2.7kg which is heavier than other entry-level battery-powered hedge cutters.

    There are only the three buttons making operation super simple. Some other clippers have safety keys to insert or adjustment mechanisms. The Ryobi requires the battery inserting and then you’re good to go. It’s totally fuss-free!

    You’re then pretty much set to go clipping your hedges!

    Rotating the Ryobi Hedge Trimmer Handle

    A really nice feature on the hedge trimmers is the rotating handle. With the push of a button on the top of the clippers, you can rotate through 45 or 90 degrees. This may not sound very exciting but believe me when I say it will save your wrists and potential shoulder fatigue when cutting hedges. Rather than twisting your torso you can rotate the clippers making it far more ergonomic to use and reducing potential hedge cutting injuries!

    Ryobi handle rotation
    The rotating handle saves your hands and back from potential twist injuries

    How well does the Ryobi OHT1855R cut hedges?

    I used the trimmers to cut a circular box hedge and also reshape a topiary box cone into a pyramid shape. Both of which are tricky shapes and awkward manoeuvres with an electric hedge trimmer. The Ryobi performed really well giving a clean cut with very few snags. Rotating the handle was really useful and saved arm fatigue. With any motorised hedge clippers you’re never going to get a mega clean finish as you would with some sharp hand clippers but they do get you 90% of the way there. For topiary, in particular, I’d recommend finishing off with sharp manual hedge clippers for a laser-accurate clean finish.

    The hedge trimmers gave a neat clean finish with minimal snags

    I also did a small area of privet which the clippers flew through far faster than the denser box. Again giving a really neat finish to the hedge with minimal damage. You should always take care when clipping hedges and topiary not to snag the hedge or make the trimmer cut thicker branches than specified on its instructions. You will only damage your plants, tools and encourage infection or dieback in your hedges.

    I really liked the Ryobi trimmers even on this tricky awkward box topiary. It left a neat clean edge.

    Benefits of the Ryobi Hedge Clippers

    • Neat clean cuts from the two moving blades
    • Easy to spot in a dark garage or on a lawn
    • Battery-powered means no more fumes or cables getting in the way
    • Rotating handle reduces twisting and contorting to clip hedges
    • 30 min plus run time on a single charge
    • Cuts through thicker branches than most hedge trimmers

    Drawbacks of the Ryobi Hedge Trimmers

    • Heavy at 2.7kg
    • Relatively expensive compared to entry-level battery-powered comparitors


    The Ryobi hedge clippers were really easy to use and the bright neon green colour means you couldn’t lose them very easily! The battery charger is easy and sturdy to use. I got 30 mins run time out of them and am looking forward to cutting more hedges with them as they were lovely to use. They are heavier than other hedge clippers at 2.7kg but you need to weigh this up against their other benefits.

    Have you used the Ryobi ONE+ tool range? If so I’d love to hear from you as to your thoughts! If you’ve found this review helpful why not follow me on Youtube where I’ve got plenty of garden guide vlogs. You can also TweetFacebook or Instagram me with your questions or thoughts.

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    Happy Hedge Cutting!

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