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  • Are you struggling to get the garden of your dreams? Are you looking for expert advice without redesigning your garden entirely? The Garden Ninjas remote Garden Consultation & Troubleshooting could solve all your garden problems!

    Sometimes there’s an area of your garden, design or planting that you’re simply not happy with. Areas that with some expert advice could completely transform the use of your garden space.

    If you’re happy with most of your garden but have niggles, problem areas or need a burst of inspiration then the Garden Ninja Remote Consultancy Service could be just what you need!

    Garden Ninja next to a garden wheelbarrow

    Priced competitively you get an hour with me the award-winning Garden Ninja to help troubleshoot and resolve your garden issues. Whether it be plant choices, layout, screening off neighbours or rearranging what you’ve already got it can help save you time and money. It’s also far cheaper than a full garden redesign.

    • Reviews of your current garden layout
    • Discussion over niggles and suggestions for layout changes
    • Plant and border recommendations
    • Cost-effective for problem areas
    • Faster and more accessible than full Garden Design
    • Remote and from the comfort of your own home

    A one hour expert consultation is £250.

    Garden Ninja will send you an email with a questionnaire before the web chat and link. Then during your private hour, we can discuss what issues you’re faced with and Garden Ninja can help sketch or provide you with gardening suggestions!

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    Providing you with the confidence and expertise to improve your garden at your own pace and budget.

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