Welcome to the Garden Ninja Community Forum! If you have a gardening question that you can’t find answers to then ask below to seek help from the Garden Ninja army! Please make your questions as specific and detailed as possible so the community can provide comprehensive answers.

Posting Rules: This space is open for all garden related questions. Please be polite, courteous and respectful. If you wouldn’t say it to your mums face then don’t post it here. Please don’t promote, sell, link spam or advertise here. Please don’t ask for ‘cheeky’ full Garden redesigns here they will be deleted. If you need that service please use this page to book a design consultation. I will block anyone who breaks these rules or is discourteous to the Garden Ninja Community.

Introduce yourselves!

Welcome to the Garden Ninja community. With thousands on Ninjas around the world why not introduce yourself and meet new Garden Ninja friends?
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